Tennessee 2015 (English)

Dear Tennessee:

I owe you a love letter.  Maybe it should be in the form of a country song, but I don’t think I can get all the words to rhyme right.

I’m sorry.


South Cumberland State Park


When we first met, I was leaving all my friends and old life behind.  I had a pretty bad attitude about that.  I had trouble fitting in, understanding your natives, adjusting to your heat, and all of that resistance didn’t leave me much room to embrace all that is wonderful about you.



Cummins Falls


Because the truth is – you are gorgeous.  And way more fun than my teenaged brain could comprehend.  It just took me a National Geographic article about your waterfalls and a return trip to realize all that I missed out on the first time.  Funny how perspective can change.  Thankfully, you haven’t.  Much.  Geologically.  Since the Pennsylvanian Age.


Cummins Falls


For the best swimming hole this side of the Mississippi, Cummins Falls (just outside Clarkesville) can’t be beat.  Admission and parking are free, and the waterfall is just a mile’s hike down into the gorgeous gorge.  Though crowded on hot summer days, it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday.


Fiery Gizzard Trail


Since one waterfall is never enough, the next day we headed to South Cumberland State Park and hiked the Fiery Gizzard Trail.


the Blue Hole


(It turns out the Blue Hole is really more green when skies are overcast.)  But then again, words fail to suffice in these types of situations where one is called upon to describe the beauty they neglected to see for so long.

And so here I am, the one that done left you, admitting I messed up.  It’s all the makings of a country song, just without the rhyme.  Maybe my heart started beating for honky-tonk long before I realized that was the rhythm moving my soul.



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