Gimme gimme (Balti)more.

Getting on the train in Greenville, SC

The overnight train from Greenville to Baltimore went much better than expected.  Being accustomed to airplane travel, I was prepared for difficult boarding and small seats, but was treated to a very simple boarding process and relatively comfortable seats that reclined well enough to doze off in.

Hello from Federal Hill!

It had been six years since Ginny and I went to NYC and DC on a pretty epic Thanksgiving-time trip.  Sometimes the distance gets in the way of seeing people you care about as often as you’d like, but it makes catching up that much better.

We enjoyed the Harbour and Federal Hill for most of the day until the 90+Farenheit/36+Celsius temperatures melted us.

My grand plan to spend an hour in NYC on my layover between trains was thwarted by the customs process at Penn Station for rail travel between Canada and the US.  At least I noticed the line and got all my paperwork in order before heading up and tooling around Madison Square Gardens.

Back on the train and heading north, I was treated to unobstructed views of the Hudson River and Adirondacks.Tiny picturesque towns along the way.

Lake Champlain.

This Duty Free looks straight out of a Trailer Park Boys episode.

Next update:  Montréal!

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