Laissez les bons temps rouler! New Orleans!

I’ve been hearing friends speak so highly of New Orleans (seriously, no one has a bad time there), and reading reviews of restaurants and attractions for years.  Unfortunately, flights out of GSP always seemed a bit too pricey, so I kept postponing a visit.  Once I worked out a way to get there by train, and my friends Angie and Glenn could host me in their spare room, I was ready to do like Arlo Guthrie and take the train from Chicago to New Orleans.

Angie was an exceptional host and tour guide, leading us away from tourist traps and more than one overzealous bum, and into an exquisite culinary and cultural excursion like only the locals know.  Thanks a million, I can’t wait to come back!

First view of Lake Ponchatrain

Beignets at Café du Monde. Ben Yay!

Yoghurt parfait at jazz brunch

My new lifelong love, SnoCone!

We braved nearly 100F temps to tour St. Louis Cemetery #1. The pyramid behind us is the future resting place of Mr. Nicholas Cage and the current tomb of his career.

the Italian Society crypt in St. Louis Cemetery #1

You can get the iron work around your grave to match the fence around your house. True fact for rich Catholic people.

The ominous welcome to the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour

It’s beyond humid and absolutely gorgeous out here.

Actual cabin from the set of Django

That’s close enough

New BFF, Professor Snappypants

Less like a hobo schlep and more like a pastry tour

Trying all the SnoCone shacks, just to be sure.

Au revoir, New Orleans! Thanks for a voodoo magical time!

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