My Kind of Town, Chicago

In 2014, I got to spend a long weekend in Chicago.  It was such a fantastic trip, and I was excited to head back again.  My itinerary gave me two partial-days in Chicago en route to and returning from New Orleans.  I was hoping to see the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, and take a boat tour on the river.  My previous trip hadn’t left any time for museums, and it was too cold in early April for the river cruises to operate. 

Because of train delays, I was only able to see the Field Museum, but I’ll welcome any excuse to return back for another trip.  The Field was so informative and enjoyable, and then I spent some time perusing the lakefront.  I was also able to manage a visit with my middle school BFF Leslie, and her fiancé Adam.  She suggested a fantastic vegetarian restaurant called Native Foods.  It was fantastic!

On my return trip, I only had a few hours, so I walked down to Millenium Park, the Chicago Theatre, and enjoyed a Magnolia Bakery cupcake. 

My next stop was Glacier National Park.  If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see I’ve already moved on to Washington state and this post is two stops behind.  The internet connectivity in Montana was abysmal, which was frustrating on keeping up with the blog, but phenomenal for being present in some of the best wilderness I’ve seen in a minute.  I’ll post about Glacier soon.

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