This Festival is the Wurst

Germany is perhaps the only country where you can say the word “curry” and people don’t think of Indian food, they think of German food:  currywurst, to be exact.  The dish is less than 100 years old, but it is firmly ingrained into the national palete. It was first cooked up by Herta Heuwer in Berlin using ketchup and curry from the soldiers who occupied the city after the Second World War, and rapidly became popular with the construction workers charged with rebuilding the city.  Currywurst is so popular in Berlin that the city is home to the German Currywurst Museum (it’s on our list of places to visit!) and it’s even a tradition that each mayoral candidate in Berlin gets a photo taken having a quick nosh at a curry stand.

That’s not to say that only Berliners love Currywurst.  The Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg actually runs a butchery and serves the dish daily in their employee cafeteria.  And over in this corner of Germany, what began as a small gathering of a few food trucks serving Currywurst has expanded to an annual festival that occupies 3 blocks.  When I moved here, Manuel quickly introduced me to the dish, and I’ve been working on perfecting a recipe for the sauce that I often make for us to go with tofu or veggiewurst.  Needless to say – I was super pumped about going to this festival.

 photo CW1_zpsasr2sgin.jpgFact:  that’s not steam, that is magic flavor in the air that you can see.*

(*This is probably not a fact)

The irresistable scent hung in the air, and our tummies were rumbling, so Manuel and I first headed over to Veggiewerk, the truck that serves vegan food.  We ordered two Currywurst (the “sausage” is made from seitan) and a bowl of sweet potato fries with ketchup and vegan mayo.

 photo CW2_zps87kt5xlp.jpgAnd a Fritz-Kola.

 photo CW6_zpskmoeg7xm.jpgZhushka is a fan.

 photo CW3_zpsip6lkpif.jpgSome of the other trucks had vegan and vegetarian sausages, such as this truck, which specialized in Schwäbische cooking.

 photo CW5_zpskpvtpyvl.jpgThere are lots of different kinds of curry sauce, as well.  Some of the most popular involve different kinds of chilis and spices, adding cola or Jack Daniels, or different ingredients like pineapple.  This food truck focused on Bavarian style wurst and a variety of curry sauces.

 photo CW4_zpser8ghsr8.jpgZhushka snacked her body weight in crumbs that she found on the ground, and is ready to go back next year.

If I can get my homemade curry sauce recipe into specific quantities (right now, it looks like “cut up as many garlics as you would like, fry until transluscent and slightly brown, and then add a few dashes of various good things until you have a sauce!  Now we’re cooking!”), I will post it on the blog.  Or you’re welcome to come over, and I’ll cook some up for us to eat.  And speaking of upcoming content:  Manuel has been brewing beer, we are almost done with our Christmas vacation photos to Alsace, and we have some upcoming trips planned, so we’ll be back to write about those sometime soon.

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